Silver Cover Stitch

The Silver 5 thread overlocker is quite simply the best value machine of its type
on the UK market.
Incorporating the chain stitch not available with the 3/4 stitch model, this enables your
project to have that professional finish to it. The machine comes with a waste container
and disengage knife function.         The 5 thread has also the added benefit of colour coded
dials for ease of use when threading.

1 only left Showroom Model

Special Price                                      

£349.99           1 only left

This Fantastic new Machine 

Sews 2, 3, 4 or 5 thread Overlocking

2 or 3 needle Cover Stitching

Also Chain Stitching

Differential Feed

Bright LED Lighting

Easy threading diagrams 

Waist collector

Product Specification

Chain Stitch 

Cover Stitch 

Waste container 

Disengage Knife function 

Colour coded dials (for ease of threading) 

Adjustable Stitch length 

Adjustable Seam width 

Differential feed (Adjustable) 

Disengage Upper Looper function 

Rolled Hem 

Standard Accessories Included

Thread x 5 

Cone Holder x 5 

Spool cap large x 5 

Pack of needles 

Thread Disc x 5 

Waste container 

Needle Threader 

Needle inserting tool 

Upper blade 


Oil Bottle 

Edge/quilting guide 


Hex wrench 

Cleaning brush 

Blade guard 

Accessory Box 

Soft Cover

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